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Monday, September 23, 2013

Moving after 43 years on Warren Street...

...was not so difficult after all!

Here is my new place.
Tiger Moving Company did a fantastic job of packing me up on August 1st. and moving me here on August 2nd. Because they moved the boxes to their truck as they packed, I didn't see how many boxes there were until they unloaded them at my new home. What a shock! I thought that I would be lucky to have them all unpacked by Christmas. :(  However, without television or cell phone service immediately available, I found myself working full-time unpacking and getting information the old-fashioned way (asking questions of real people and consulting phone books).

I have to give high marks to my kids, Jackie and Rob, and their spouses Kat and Adam, and to you Aunt Jackie for emotional support and physical labor. Moving would not have been possible without you guys and gals.  I love you.

So, here are a few interior photos requested by my sister, Debbie.  I wish that you could come for a visit, but I understand how physically difficult that would be for you.

 The building lobby,
 community room,
 game & party room,
fitness center,
and library.

Here is my apartment dining area,
living room,
 and den, sewing room.

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