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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have met many skilled and courteous workmen in the last two weeks as they renovated my apartment.  They should finish up in the next week.  After 40 years of DIY, I have now watched the pros do their thing.  A new wall, wallpaper removal, spackling, painting, upgrading the electrical system and the kitchen - they have demonstrated skills that I have seen on TV!

By the end of next week, the place will be mine again.  I feel light-headed, having shed so many years of "stuff" and so many dated accessories.  The wallpaper is down.  The walls are all "Navajo White."  My new theme will be "light."  No drapes for me.  The pictures and prints are all boxed.  I will keep the few that I love and audition them in various rooms until I get a new look.  A few new accessories will complete the decorations.

This will be a new canvas waiting for my first brush stroke.

Thank you Tidley, Cadie, George, Kevin, Bill, Robin, Kathy and complex management.  You have given me a fresh new home.