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Friday, September 27, 2013

Explorations: Barron Arts Center

On Sunday, 9/22/13, I visited Barron Arts Center to see "iView: Analysis."

 Featuring 16 fiber artists and their impressions of our world, the exhibit was an amazing presentation of 64 pieces that each measured 4" x 6". The size of postcards. Each artists presented four related works representing their view of "i". Some type of rug hooking, punch hooking or Russian needle punch had to be present in at least part of one of their four pieces. Each artist created a story that brought viewers into their own visual world.

This series was my favorite.

The artist is Kim Dubay from Maine.  Here is the description in her own words.
"These hand-stitched merit badges are reminiscent of what young girls in scouts would earn. My hope is that the viewer think about these "lost arts" and realize our lives do not need to be taken over by technology!" Pictured from top left and going clockwise are:  Letter Writing, Making Things by Hand, Talking Face to Face, and Reading a Book.

And, the Arts Center was an interesting building too.  This was my first of what will be many visits.

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