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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little Outfits

Last week I completed the pink series of coordinated outfits for Grace from Butterick pattern number B5017. Here are some pictures of Grace's new outfits...the coordinated Disney World travel collection.

I was really pleased with the result. I gave them to her last night. She spotted the Mickey Mouse appliqued to the top and dress right away. I will probably applique that Mickey on everything I make for her...even when she is in her teens ;-).

It was so cute to watch her as we all said "pretty, how pretty" and she smiled very big. She loved the hangars that were included in the bag with the outfits!

Now I have my own label? I created labels for this and future projects that say "Nana," the letters embroidered by machine on 1/4" wide white grosgrain ribbon. They are helpful in marking which is the back of pants.

The 18 months size of this pattern will also fit the Annie doll that I made 27 years ago for Jackie. She asked to have it recently and I was so pleased. I think she was too young for it at 2 years old. She had no interest in it then. Annie had been sitting on my bed and I would mend and wash her as needed and provide new outfits. Jackie has been learning to sew. She can appreciate Annie now for the time and attention to detail that it took to make her. She wrote about her in "The Orange Room," her blog.

Well, I am off to shampoo the rugs now. Can't wait to see them brightened up.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Duck Hats

  • Thursdays are Rotary lunch days. This last Thursday, July 17th, president Betty gifted us with duck hats. Wearing these hats will accomplish two things:
  1. make people ask us why we are wearing them, thus providing an opportunity to promote the (Almost) Famous Nutley Rotary Annual Duck Race and
  2. making us smile when we put them on (and hope that others smile when they see us and don't rush to have us arrested or committed).

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Adventure in the Works

Well, Jackie Gould has talked me into an ocean adventure, so, today I explored the Royal Caribbean web site to get my feet wet. We will be cruising to Bermuda next July aboard the "Explorer of the Seas."
Searching the web site to learn more about the documents required, what to pack, how to make reservations for excursions, etc., I lingered on the spa and fitness facilities. Perhaps this will also be a good time to take advantage of a facial and a massage. While captive on this floating resort, I might as well do everything that my pocket book and physical condition will allow!;jsessionid=0000mE7vvKsF5pRqEzXtzbZtdBz:12hbiocak?br=R&shipClassCode=VY&shipCode=EX
I will also have to check out Bayonne, NJ in the near future. It is accessible, parking is reasonable at Cape Liberty and the city seems to be in the midst of a makeover. I recall purchasing our first family artificial Christmas tree at a recommended store in Bayonne. (That was the tree that I decided needed to be freshened up after a couple of years. Showering it with the hose in the back yard, I discovered that the trunk was made of cardboard. What was I thinking?)
Every now and then, I think about moving to a manageable city. "Manageable" is the key word here. Park-like city blocks, reliable elevators, interesting cultural activities, a good library system, nearby groceries, hospital, office store and movie theater, secure parking, access to the airport, parkway and turnpike - I don't want much. Thinking about it, do I have that here?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Full Heart

Today is the Fourth of July. After checking Jackie's blog postings and visiting with Bobby this week, I realize that I am content and my heart is full. It's a great place to be.