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Monday, February 20, 2012

I made a little vintage dress...

...for Hannah Frances.  It was Simplicity pattern #2629, "Baby's Vintage Layette." 

In 2008, when Grace was one year old, I made her some little outfits. It was a joy to make this little vintage dress and petticoat for Hannah. It will probably be the first many more "little outfits."
I gave it to Jackie and Adam yesterday when we met them at the Franklin Steak House for lunch. 

We were celebrating Jackie's birthday.  It was modest this year because Jackie is very pregnant and more focused on Hannah's birthday than on her own.

Rob and Kathryn gave her the complete "Jurassic Park" series on DVD. She and Adam almost jumped with joy when they opened it.  It was a new one for their collection.  They will enjoy the many additional scenes that didn't make it into the movies as they wait for Hannah to make her debut.  (Did I mention that Rob's face is full of hair?  He is growing his "baby beard" reminiscent of the beard he wore when expecting Grace.  I wish I had taken a picture of him.)

 And, I gave her the book "Little Knitted Creatures" with new sets of knitting and crochet needles to inspire some small projects that she can tackle when her leisure time becomes less available in a couple of weeks (welcome Hannah).

Making donuts in the morning, enjoying a birthday lunch in the afternoon, seeing Adam, Jackie, Kathryn, Rob and Grace all on the same day - LIFE IS GOOD. ;-)


Grace was here yesterday with Rob and Kathryn.  She opened the last Christmas present, a gift from Danny J. addressed to Aunt JoAnn and Grace.  I had saved it for Grace to open, but I had peeked and taken out the recipe book to prepare for Grace's visit.

It was a bright red donut maker.  And we got right to work.  Grace loves too mix things, so she was more than ready to put the ingredients into a bowl and stir, stir, stir with help from Rob. 
After the first batch was cooked, Grace went on to make sure that her "stuff" was still here after the recent renovation.  She checked it all out.  Rob, however, loved the whole donut concept even though he could not eat any of them on his weight management plan.  Rob and I had a lot of fun making batch after batch of donuts!  Grace showed up to view the results, request "glazed," and balk because the donuts looked different than those she knew.

Final verdict, these little donuts were DELICIOUS.  One bowl of batter made two dozen of them easily.  And, they are deceptively cute, leading us to think that they could not possibly wreck a weight control plan.  Thankfully, Rob and Kathryn took them home.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Robert... a loving son.  I missed him today when he stopped by.  I was out having lunch with retired friends and picking up medication for Rufus at Dr. Crupi's office.

Back at home, I found a red envelope on the dining room table addressed to "Mom" in his handwriting and checked the hallway to see if his mail was gone, just to be sure he had actually been there.  Immediately sorry that I had missed his impromptu visit, I opened the envelope and chuckled in good humor and amazement at the Valentine he chose for me. A sewing machine sits on a table in a wall-papered room. A chain of hearts is in progress through the machine.  A plaque on the wall reads, "For Mom With Sew Much Love." It's an amazingly appropriate scene for me.  Inside, I read, "When I was a kid, you always did everything with love. And I still feel that same gentle love threading through my life today - reminding me what a remarkable, caring mom you've always been. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Bobby."

I cannot stop weeping. I pray that my son is rewarded with the love of his children well into their adult years.  I wish the same for every mom and dad today, Valentine's Day.

I love you, Bob.
                                                       Rob and Kathryn January 2011

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mickey Haller #4 - Love this series!

The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller, #4)The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mickey Haller is really snookered in this one! Good grief, the twist hit me and I didn't see it coming.  Maybe I was not paying attention. Wow!

I really liked the setup for the next Haller adventure. In the interim, this one is worth the time to read.

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