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Monday, December 27, 2010

It's not about the presents, however...

...some really thoughtful gifts were under my tree this year!

 For example, look at this GREAT PHOTO ALBUM from Adam and Jackie.  A wonderful picture of Jackie and I from her wedding (I don't think I had a copy before this, hmmmm :) ) in the front of an album to be filled with pictures of our future adventures together.  LOVE THAT MOTHER/DAUGHTER TIME!  And also containing some GIFT CARDS to grease our travels!  And look at that FABULOUS PHOTO OF GRACE with her name carved into the mat, no less.  Photographer Adam gets kudos for this wonderful shot, a grandmother's gold.  And Kudos to Jackie for collaborating with Grace to give me this gift.  Now take a look at the card.  Unassuming, yet loaded with a real treat...are you ready?  TICKETS to see Whoopi Goldberg at NJPAC in February.  Seeing Whoopi in person is one more item I will be able to cross off of my list!  Wow, Bobby, you and Kathryn really topped off my day with this one.  PLUS, the "John Adams" series on DVD.  (Why did On Demand pull this series before I finished watching it?  Oh, right I thought it would stay On Demand for a very long time.  Please note that the DVDs did not make the photo because they are sitting next to my TV waiting for me to spend this snow day with coffee and JA.)
And, of course, what Christmas would be complete without a good gadget?  My sister, Debbie, came up with this one, a soap dispenser with an electric eye!  It dispenses liquid soap when it "sees" your hand under the nozzle!!!!!  Love it!  And it made its way to our bathroom vanity in record time as you can see.

Presents...always nice.



Wind chill is causing very low temperatures.  Turnpike and GSP ramps are impassable. 15" - 22" according to TV.  Layer of ice under snow.

Airports closed.  LIR closed. State of emergency declared.  State Police advise everyone to stay home.

The view from the back door!

The sewing room window overlooking the park.  Bear is, of course, unaffected and unimpressed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Worship Celebration

Last night Rob, Grace, Kathryn and I attended the Christmas Worship Celebration "Love Has Come" at the Hawthorne Gospel Church.  Rob and I attended last year. This special program is awe-inspiring.  The Jazz Ensemble pictured here warmed up the crowd with cool renditions of "The Christmas Song" and "Angels We Have Heard On High."  Dave Dillon on Saxophone and Stacy Bautista's vocals put us in the mood to expect more.  We were not disappointed.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Our visit to see Santa on Sunday was great!  We arrived at Macy's before it opened and were among the earliest people on line with Grace and Kyle.  Both of the kids were excited.  Santa was the best.  After a snack, we took cabs over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.  The Center was bustling with shoppers, skaters and a motorcycle club.  The club was collecting toys for donation to children in families struggling to make ends meet.    

Jackie found the perfect place for lunch, Blue Smoke at 27th. and Lexington.  Kyle was excited to compare it to Famous Dave's.  He declared Blue Smoke the better tasting restaurant.  The kids really had fun there.  The restaurant brought each of them a raw cookie to decorate.  While they ate, the cookie was baked and presented to them at the end of the meal to take home.  The crowds, the cab rides, and the energy of the city impressed the kids.  Kyle had a 10 minute nap on the way home and Grace was asleep for the entire ride.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, they are finished, my first pair of socks!  Knit on three needles with help from Mary C. at Cozy Quilt Shoppe, learning to knit "in 3D" was a challenge from my to do list.  Many thanks, Mary.