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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Christmas Planner

The year that Grace was born, I made a Christmas Planner. I may have shared it but I don't remember with whom! I keep it up to date.  It is a history of gift-giving, card-sending, keepsake-saving and holiday-decorating for every year since 2007. Today, I took it from the shelf and opened it to begin the record for Christmas 2015, the last year that will fit into this volume.     * Note to self: Buy another notebook to set up for Christmas 2016.*     I opened it at breakfast this morning and am still browsing and smiling over it at 1 p.m.!!!

  1. Picture cards received from family and friends are amazing.  Just look at how their kids have grown!
  2. The pictures with Santa from Macy's are priceless.  Should I make a special album for these cards and pictures? Maybe I should frame them and bring them out to display for the Christmas season.
  3. Every year I make a Christmas budget that I ignore.  (But this year will be different.)
  4. Secret Santa proposals to manage gift-giving for adults do not work in our family.
  5. I send more than 100 holiday cards and mail them on the day after Thanksgiving.  I mailed them one day later in 2014.  
  6. *Note to self:  You bought stamps last week for this year so don't plan to buy them again now that the planner is in play. What safe place are you using for them?*
  7. Amazon wish lists are a good thing.  And, the Amazon wish list button added to my Firefox browser is wonderful.  
Because I have no pictures in this post yet, here are a couple before I sign off.

I don't miss that wallpaper, but I still use those little window wreaths and the wii game that the guys are setting up here. Thanks again guys.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

The Burning Room (Harry Bosch, #19)The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bosch's many years of experience shine as he mentors Lucia Soto, a quickly advancing new detective assigned to him. Working on an unusual cold case with her, he keeps this complex tale moving in ways that give readers more police procedural insight than many of author Connelly's previous Bosch stories.

A page-turner for sure if I were reading words on a page, the story suffered, for me, in the flat reading by Titus Welliver. Read the paper or digital editions.

Clue: The "burning room" is a concept and a reality. ;-)

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