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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hannah's First Overnight Visit...

...was a blast.  A little thinker, she processes information and takes things in stride.  She is like her Dad and Uncle Rob in that way.  She is also an investigator like her Dad.  Able to focus on objects and cause/effect processes, Miss Hannah has remarkable concentration.

  • Putting the dollhouse garage on the floor permits a better focus on moving the car in and out, and examining the people and furniture on the rooftop patio.
  • The bucket of little animals contains two of each animal. She can hold one in each hand, put that pair down and find two more that match.
  • The small set of blocks is magnetic.  Hannah found that they stick to the dominoes tin.

While her Mom and Dad enjoyed the local AMC Dine-In Theatre, Hannah and I had dinner.  Then she had her bath, a story, play, and to bed.  She slept until 6 a.m. or so, then looked for her Mom a bit, no tears though.  Assuring her that Mom and Dad would  come to Nana's, we looked at their pictures in my Nexus for a while, and another while, and then went on with our morning.  Mom and Dad were here when she woke from her nap after lunch. :)  They got an animated welcome from their little angel. :)

I think that Miss Hannah may be a Friday night guest often.  I love this whole grandchild business.

Tonight, I am having dinner with Kathryn and CJ. (Rob's busy season at work, he is traveling now.)  So, I will see what Mr. CJ is up to.  When I saw him on Wednesday, he showed me airplanes when he heard them overhead.  And, of course we played ball. :)

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