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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When things go wrong....The Debt Crisis Quilt part 1

This quilt-in-progress is the unveiled "mystery" quilt from the workshop with Janice Jamieson last Friday.  She put it up on the flannel wall to show us how to lay out the blocks.  This is a very interesting quilt to build.  We all took pictures, notes and asked questions.  Laying out blocks that are not square or rectangular was going to be a challenge.  I was ready. With this picture, the layout diagram that Janice provided and all of my blocks completed, I went home for a weekend of sewing and watching the debt crisis coverage on MSNBC and other networks.

At some point in the crisis, I lost my way laying out this quilt.  I sewed half of my blocks into rows on the diagonal at home on Friday night.  After the Republicans passed John Boehner's bill that night, I put the rows away for more work on Saturday. Rising early, I sewed the rows together with a plan to fill in the other half of the blocks to create the layout in the picture. Legislators were still haggling in Washington and analysts were still prognosticating on TV.  I learned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was working on a plan.  Later, I heard that Senate Minority Leader McConnell refused to meet with Reid and went directly to the President to negotiate a plan.  Mr. Reid prepared to introduce his bill in the Senate.  Meanwhile, the House voted down his bill before it even reached the House.  With all of this going on, I discovered too late that my plan for sewing the blocks into rows was flawed.  I went for a walk.

To be continued....

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