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Friday, October 17, 2014

My First Log Cabin

Every year in November I travel to the Sisters of Ursula in Rhinebeck, NY, for their quilters retreat.  It is a peaceful place on the Hudson River that is free of distractions like television and cell phones.  Here, it is possible to work quietly and in a focused way on quilts.  I love going there.

Under the guidance of expert quilters, this baby quilt took shape.  Nine traditional Log Cabin blocks, each 11” square comprise the body of the quilt.  It is rendered in non-traditional colors to bring it up-to-date.  The finished size of 45.5” x 45/5” includes a darker pink sashing, a pink dotted stop border, pink plaid outer border and pink-dotted binding.  The backing is a nice soft flannel.  The quilt is washable, sturdy and meant to be used as a blanket, carriage cover and play mat.  

It was a joy to make. :)

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