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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dancing on the Ceiling

Lionel Richie's All the Hits Tour 2014 landed at the Garden State Arts Center in Holmdel on Friday night.  And, thanks to my beautiful daughter and most wondcrful son-in-law, I was there...
...with Jackie. WE HAD A BALL!

Lionel is a great entertainer - likeable, funny, involved with the audience - who kept us going the entire evening.  We laughed, we danced, we finished his sentences, we sang.  Did I say we danced? He was dynamic and backed up by very talent musicians who were also entertaining (especially his saxophone/harmonica player).

Here is a picture of his arrival on stage, "Hello," he said. "Is it me you're looking for?"
Jackie was up dancing and screaming right away.  She grew up listening to these records. Lionel said that he had two kinds of fans, the ones who had been with him throughout the journey and the others  who knew his music and called him "Mr. Richie."  He promised us the hits and he made sure that he sang them all.

Oh, and let me not forget that Ce Lo Green opened the show and warmed up the audience for almost 50 minutes before Lionel came out.

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