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Sunday, July 22, 2012

GSP Weekend

My family is tied together by the Garden State Parkway. For example, let me summarize this weekend.
On Saturday Adam, Jackie and Hannah traveled the GSP to visit our dentist here in Nutley.  I met them afterward for Hannah's first visit to the Franklin Steak House.

Also on Saturday, Rob, Kathryn and CJ traveled the GSP to Cape May, possibly CJ's first day trip. Thanks for the photo Kathryn. :)

This afternoon, I traveled it to sit with CJ for the afternoon. He loves to swing as much as his father did!

I have developed an appreciation for the sights along the Parkway.  I even know how to position my car to take advantage of the best EZ-Pass lanes (6 & 7) at the Union Toll Booths!

The Garden State Parkway is a treasure. ;)

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