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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fine Arts & Crafts Show, Anderson Park 2011

What a beautiful Sunday morning!  Church, diner and then the fine arts & crafts show in Anderson Park, Upper Montclair.

It could not have happened on a nicer day - cool, clear, sunny.
Putting out a few bales of hay always makes me think of autumn.
This was the cutest booth!  Filled with clothes and shoes for American Girl dolls, it was filled with little girls in the afternoon.

This was unique!  I had not seen a drinking fountain that accomodated dogs before today.  I liked it and so did the dog. :-)

Fifteen minutes to relax on a bench and listen to this talented musician was not nearly enough.  I could have stayed there all afternoon!  And, I could also watch the soccer game going on in the middle of the park.
A wonderful walk, a little shopping, music, sports - this day had it all.
Then, off to the Nutley Farmers' Market to get some fresh corn for dinner tonight.

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