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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Russian Tea Room

My first trip to the Russian Tea Room was nice :)  Jackie treated Grace and I yesterday for our March birthdays.  Grace was excited about going to a real tea party.  We were very "fancy" as we shared high tea and Grace was served the "children's tea." The tastiest sandwiches for me were the shrimp salad with remoulade and the artichoke with red pepper and sun-dried tomato and goat cheese.  The scones were smaller than those I make, more delicate and crisp.  They were delicious.  I enjoyed the oolong tea. 

It was special to be out on the town with my daughter and grand-daughter.  I hope that we get out together again for a girls' day out.  Grace is a chatterbox.  She did not miss a decoration or a treat during tea.  Spooning miniature marshmallows into her hot chocolate with Jackie's help gave her an opportunity to stir.  She likes stirring.  Jackie helped her to get her napkin unfolded and into her lap.  That lasted about 30 seconds and then she was busy looking in the mirror behind our banquette, commenting on the gold-painted wall ornaments and asking about the contents of the sandwiches.  She was good about tasting the grilled cheese, the pig in a blanket and even the egg salad.  For dessert, she seemed to enjoy apple slices with caramel dipping sauce.

After tea, we went over to American Girl Place. Excited little girls packed the store.  It was amazing that these lovely dolls have grown into such an industry.  Grace chose Coconut, a small white dog with a little tote/kennel and she played with it all the way home in the car. 

Robert, protective Dad that he is, made sure that we arrived at tea safely, dropping us right in front of the restaurant and then picking us up at Rockerfeller Center for the trip home. 

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