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Monday, April 26, 2010

NY Film Critics Coming Attractions 4/5/2010

"The City of Your Final Destination" a Merchant Ivory Film was the first piece screened in the Spring 2010 series.  A favorite interest, the discussions that follow the screenings feature a NY film critic, usually Peter Travers, and a principal from the film.  James Ivory was the guest for this screening and Godfrey Cheshire was the critic (Travers suffered a broken shoulder).

Based on a novel by James Cameron, "City" stars Anthony Hopkins and Laura Linney (the only two I recognized), and also Norma Aleandro, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexandra Maria Lara, Omar Metwally and Hiroyuki Sanada.  A young academic tries to persuade the heirs of a recently deceased Uruguayan novelist to permit an authorized biography of the novelist.  Lush settings, a rural pace, well-developed characters and attention to the details of relationships kept my interest in the story as it developed.  Left with much to think about....

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