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Monday, April 26, 2010

NY Film Critics Coming Attractions 4/12/2010

"Handsome Harry" a film by Bette Gordon was screened.  Jamey Sheridan was the central character trying to unravel the identity of the buddy who struck the crippling blow to a member of their group during a brawl which occurred while they served in the Navy together. One of the group, played by Steve Buscemi, worries on his deathbed, that he may have been the culprit.  He summons Sheridan for clarification.  Sheridan is haunted by the question and sets off to ask the others what they remember.  It is a journey of discovery that finds the buddies well along in their lives.  Their fortunes span the gamut of human experiences.  All have suffered in one way or another.

An excellent film, the conflict was absorbing and well-portrayed.  ...could not stay for the discussion with Bette Gordon.  Peter Travers was back to moderate.

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