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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was so much fun this year. :)
Judy asked for help decorating her car for Grace's school "Trunk or Treat."  Rob suggested a ghost because her car is white.  Here is the concept that I developed.  Judy and I put it together in 1/2 hour!

If you ever have to decorate a car trunk for Halloween, this ghost is EASY, simple and elegant.
  1. Use binder clips to hang a white sheet from the trunk lid.
  2. Place a couple of battery powered lanterns inside the trunk and turn them on.
  3. From poster board, use a box cutter to carve out two oval eyes and a quirky mouth.
  4. Use large safety pins (I strung two big ones together above each eye) to attach the eyes to the sheet.
  5. Suspend the mouth from the eyes with fishing line. 
It was a bit like a mobile. The weight of the sheet and a gently breeze made it move.
We used ghost face plastic treat bags lined up under the bumper to hold the candy.  I found them in the grocery store.  It was unique!

Here are my favorite pictures from the day.

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