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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rufus Bear, 8/1/1996 - 4/10/.2012

Rufus' life with us ended on Thursday.  Battling cancer since December, he  remained my alarm clock, personal greeter, and companion.  His demands were few:  breakfast by 6 a.m., meds by 7, quiet nap from 7-10, more food, more nap, lunch no later than 1, nap, food at 4, attention, more attention, meds at 7, more food, companionship for reading, sewing, tv until 9, nagging for bedtime until I gave in, howling if got later than 11. I miss him.

Rob chose Rufus from the Teterboro shelter in August 1996.  When I arrived home from school, he was positioned at the end of the entry hall with what appeared to be a snowball in the palm of his hand. :)  Scootchamenz, our big, wandering tom cat, died the week before and I was a bit depressed about it. That snowball was a thoughtful, loving gift. :)

Little did we know our snowball would grow so large and be such a "scaredy" cat. But Clovis, who ruled the household, was top cat and had no patience for interlopers.  Maria fought back when Clovis over-reached, but Rufus headed for the closet.  He was afraid of friends, workmen, delivery people.  I think that Rob, Jackie and I were the only people who ever saw him!  Oh, and my sister Jackie because I don't think he could tell us apart. And, Kathryn because she radiates kindness.  He changed when Clovis and Maria were gone, came out of the closet and gradually approached for attention.  He approached more frequently until he took over our routines.  He was king of the household.

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