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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grace Weekend

Grace was visiting this weekend.  Yesterday, she went with Rob, Kat and the Quinones family to a pumpkin farm.  They had a great time and brought home a nice big pumpkin.

Grace is a big car singer. On the way home from the diner after breakfast, she ran through her repetoire of geometry songs including "Cindy Circle," "Susie Square," and "Trixie Triangle" then surprised us with a verse of "Hey Soul Sister."

And, she had mail here this weekend.  Her first issue of High Five magazine arrived.  She was good at finding items hidden in pictures, loved the poem about Mr. Turtle's birthday (he is 92), and cooked the "Mac & Cheese Muffins" with her Dad.

The missing muffins were eaten by the cooks!

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