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Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Shoes

A tradition continues. Shopping for school shoes is a tradition I hope to continue with my granddaughter Grace, pictured here in one pair of the new shoes. That's her dad, Rob, carrying the bag.

Christine Donato at the library once described how her mother still took her to shop for school shoes after she reached adulthood. Chris was a school librarian before she retired and came to work with us. Her father continued that tradition after her mother passed away. I loved that story, especially since my daughter is a school librarian.  After hearing the story, I began taking her to shop for school shoes.  We had not done that since she was a student.

Yesterday, Rob, Grace and I visited two shoe stores, the Little Shoe Box and Nordstrom. It was a successful trip.  Grace is wearing the pair she picked in the photo.  Black patent leather MaryJanes, requested by her mom, are in the bag.

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OrangeRoom said...

Love this tradition.