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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maria, August 1, 1990 - February 9, 2010

The most loving kitty and a member of our family. She will be missed.

Update 11/15/2010. Maria's Story.
Tony mentioned that the guys in the metal shop were feeding a stray black kitten.  He wondered if he should bring it home to make friends with Jackie, who was giving her stepfather a rough road to travel. I think I said no.  Anyway, I arrived home from shopping with Bobby to find Jackie and Tony using one of my best towels to dry off a kitten.  The bathroom was a mess.  The two of them were thrilled because they gave the kitten a bath revealing that she was a tabby when they thought she was black.  Bobby was leaving for his first year at USC, so we decided the kitten would be his - a playful link to home.  He named her Maria.  She was affectionate, unflappable, even-tempered, and  mature beyond her years.  She scoffed at the antics of "lesser" cats and remained haughty until she wanted attention. She was a great companion.  She is missed.