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Sunday, May 11, 2008

BBQ Spring 2008

The Spring and Fall Bed, Breakfast and Quilts have me hooked. The anchors for my year, I sign up for the next one before I leave the previous. This year, "Raggedy Circles" was my class choice. In soft, rose and green florals and checks, I realize that I have a preferred color palette. Perhaps I should experiment more. This project is easy, quick and refreshing - no squares and triangles, no points to match. Another one is cut out in my sewing room. Organized before traveling to Wildwood Crest's Adventurer Inn this year, it is a combination of two juvenile flannels featuring baby animals. Hoping that it will be Grace's "drag around" blanket, I plan to finish it for Christmas and make a matching flannel rabbit to go with it.
On a lark, Merry May's basket applique project occupied my time on Sunday. Entirely from mill samples found on the giveaway table, Merry cut enough fabrics for me to attempt this little piece. It is adorable! Now, will it be a pillow or wall hanging? Will it be quilted by Linda Hahn or will I attempt to quilt it by hand? Decisions, decisions....

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